Flip 80/20 focuses on sustainable health, for both people and the planet, and by following the dietary-related principles of the 80/20 rule, offers innovative and healthy vegan and vegetarian crepes at street food locations around London.

The batter used in our crepes is full of healthy flours and seeds, and is free from dairy, gluten and eggs, providing a healthy foundation to the crepe. The savoury & sweet crepes are all vegetarian and mostly vegan, and incorporate the best of seasonal produce. Environmental sustainability is also very important to us and we strive to use only compostable packaging and minimise waste as much as possible.

What we got…

    • Crepes

    • Sweet Crepes

      Sweet Crepes

      • Mulled pear, cinnamon coconut cream & toasted almonds
      • ‘Mince pie' & cashew nut cream
      • Clementine, chocolate & poppy seeds
    • Savoury Crepes

      Savoury Crepes

      • Spinach, avocado & sesame seed dressing
      • Wild mushrooms, roasted chestnuts & thyme
      • Kale, vine tomatoes, ricotta & pumpkin seeds
    • Juice

    • Vegetable Juice

      • Beetroot, carrot & apple
    • Fruit Juice

      • Spiced honeydew melon & coconut water

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